David Som (Song Dawei)

Chief Executive Officer

20+ years of senior management experience in healthcare spanning acquisition, management and growth of financial companies and global financial and commodities trading businesses. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Righteous Dragon Management Group in Hong Kong and has played a leading role in the growth of the group’s subsidiaries.

Proficient in all areas of project management and marketing with a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of human health, imports and exports, and combining proven technologies and barter trading with technical skills and natural resources for the economic development of Africa, China, Europe and the Americas. David’s  main objective is to use his experience and knowledge of education and economic development to assist the world at large and build infrastructures implementing technology transfer and to provide education and body soul spirit development. He holds a Bachelor in Business and other trainings in global finance and economics systems.  The ability to see the unseen and to predict the unpredictable is his strength.