VT5230 Ventilator

Proper mechanical ventilation support with lung protective ventilation strategies.

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Invasive Ventilation

ATC reduces the resistance caused by either endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube, lowers patient work of breathing

Bivent mode provides two levels of continuous positive airway pressure(CPAP) with pressure support, suitable for more types of patients

Non-invasive Ventilation

  • Proper use of NIV decrease the chances of intubation, minimise hospitalization duration
  • NIV ventilation as a standard feature in VT 5230, combines invasive and non-invasive therapy in one machine, cost effective


  • 3 waveforms and 3 loops
  • Alarm/Event records details of each alarm and any changes of settings
  • Trend function provides 72 hours of full patient data. Convenient for information
    recalling and shift management

Lung Mechanics

Measures static compliance, air resistance, PEEPi, P0.1 , helps you to make treatment