SSGLML™ ( Life Mineral Liquid)

LML consists of natural minerals found over 3200 meters below the earth. The product is completely natural so that it is 100% biocompatible.

In 2014, Dr. Michael Nobel, fourth generation successor to the Nobel family and the Nobel Foundation of Sustainable Development, personally awarded SSG International Holding Group a recognition award for their “Outstanding Contribution to Life Expectancy,” acknowledging Jinhui (SSG) International Holding Group Co., Ltd. for their contribution to research and product development of the SSGLML™.


In August 2013, the research lab at All One Quantum Energy Research and Quantum
Life Science Academy located in the NASA Ames Research Park in California used
quantum analysis to quantify over 106 different elements and trace minerals in a test
sample of the SSG raw water. Particularly, several minerals, such as calcium, selenium
and potassium, were found to have high quantum energy readings with a peak indicator
of 59,999.
In May 2014, researchers applied cutting-edge food-grade manufacturing and quantum
technologies to produce a mineral supplement from the SSG raw water today known as
SSG Life Minerals Liquid (SSGLML™). Further analysis employing the Potency
Dilution method revealed an estimated energy reading of at least at 140,000,000 at a
dilution of 1:2400 The research findings astounded the scientists around the world;
specifically, when they compared the energy wave value of SSGLML™ to be
approximately 140,000 million in comparison to the Himalaya mineral salt water which
was in the hundred decimal value.
Overall, researchers concluded that the SSG raw water had the potential of alleviating
health conditions. They speculated that the discovery of the SSG raw water would be a
scientific breakthrough with an insurmountable benefit to mankind. Today, researcher
have attemped to duplicate the composition and the ratio of microelments; however, the
biological information and ultra-high energy wave of the SSG Life Mineral Liquid is
beyond reseachers’ capabilities and comprehen