Protective Gloves

Made of excellent nitrile synthetic rubber, it avoids the latex-resulting skin allergies.

  • Allergy-free, power-free, for ultimate skin safety
  • A better performance in puncture resistance, bacterial penetration resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Multipurpose for numerous fields and jobs: medical, food service, lab, and more
  • Great for home, kitchen, gardening, and general household cleaning
    · Long service life, flexible operation , soft texture , comfortable waring experience.
    · Non-poisonous, harmless and odorless . Made with hand picked formula and advanced technologies, the product is soft, comfortable, nonskid and easy to operate, with good protection and physical performances.
  • Ambidextrous for anyone to use, beaded cuff
  • Smooth finish for great comfort and tactile sensitivity
  • CE Certificate,Testing report