BMSLH was formed during the COVID 19 crisis by uniting friends from various disciplines driven by the need for solutions to solve this viral invasion to destroy mankind. This Norvegian company is a global health service entity committed to improving the health and well-being of our clients.  Our focus it the preservation of good health and spiritual balance of life of our fellow human beings are one of the reasons for the Bright Morning Star Life and Health AS. 

We are committed to supporting the global health community to quickly and effectively respond to serious and life-threatening viral outbreaks worldwide such as the Coronavirus, and we are dedicated to providing best-in-class service aligned with our Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, and Integrity values. We continue to have a team of the most experienced and qualified Sales, Order Management, Customer Service, and Operations professionals ready to partner with you to maintain business-as-usual throughout this challenging time.

We are also fortunate to be in a position to have Exclusives Rights to distribute the Life Energy Floating Capsule, also referred to as the “SSGLGV or SSG”, and SSGLML  products designed and developed with the joint venture between NASA and SSG Beijing to eliminate most underlining health issues within the human body. The SSG System is designed for the bio-energy rebalancing of the human body through deep relaxation and detoxification in SSG Raw Water and by drinking the SSGLML.